Training refugee events


Upcoming Events for ACH and Himilo.

International Metropolis Conference

How to secure an extra £7.5bn through self-integration

26th June, 4pm Ottawa time (9pm UK time)

Richard Thickpenny (Deputy CEO) and Tom Dixon (Senior Projects Officer)

Arguing that in proselytising for policy-controlled integration, policy makers effectively create a life inhibiting Line of Control which stymies integration across all social, civic and economic dimensions. The notion of "Integration Premium" is used as a measure of refugee income disparity, highlighting how £7.5billion of income can be secured per 25,000 refugees if policy is focused on impact not outcomes.

You, Me and Those Who Came Before Exhibition

June 10th to 28th is the City of Sanctuary Exhibition “You, Me and Those Who Came Before” at the Lighthouse Media Centre, Chubb Buildings, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1HT (Near the bus and train stations). 

The exhibition will have several pieces of art which celebrate refugees, community and generations. ACH have sponsored some of the art pieces as part of our #rethinkingrefugee campaign, and former ACH tenant, Ash is one of the artists building a sculpture. Come in anytime to see the exhibition plus there will be several events happening throughout. 

NHF Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Housing Conference 2019

October 17th 2019 - London

ACH CEO, Fuad Mahamed, is hosting a workshop on helping improve the visibility of residents in society, based on our work with external employers in recruiting our tenants.

1.50pm: Changemaker breakouts - a safe and creative environment to experiment with solutions to overcome challenges facing your organisation and the sector

Group B: Improving the visibility of residents in society

Fuad Mahamed