Meet Rima

Rima Jalba, Marketing, Communications and Digital Media Coordinator

Meet Rima

What did you do before coming to ACH? 

Here’s a little piece of my story:

             I moved to the United Kingdom for a little over a year now. Before that, I lived in Scandinavia as I was studying for my master’s degree. In the last 5 years I have tried multiple roles, thus, I can say that before coming to ACH I explored my options by expanding my skill set.

            To be a bit more detailed, I have worked in television, in the written press, in start-ups designing products and working with influencers, I worked with kids and took diverse internships etc. My previous roles mostly involved marketing, media and communication, these allowing me to explore a variety of jobs that are available in these sectors.


 Why did you decide to come to ACH? 

            It was a decision that was based on my personality and values. I thought “In a world where there is so much informational noise to be spread, at least make some noise that will stand by a cause and have some positive impact”. You see, my role as a Marketing, Communications and Digital Content Coordinator is in charge to make some changes happen, and for now, I want these to benefit others.

  What project are you working on for us?

              Currently, I am involved with the daily marketing and communication aspects of the organization, these focusing both externally and internally.

             As part of my marketing role, I have to look and figure out the best ways to communicate our values, services and campaigns and connect with the people that can help us in our goals.

            The main campaign that has been handed over to me is the #rethinkingrefugee campaign. Knowing that my strategic vision will be the “fertilizer” to this campaign moving forward I want, first of all, to make it vibrant, positive, challenging, socially progressive, constructive and relatable. I want to normalize the concepts behind our campaign and thread some kindness and light in these knitted webs of stigmas.

            However, one campaign is just a piece in the big beautiful puzzle that ACH is. There are multiple aspects that I will have to be involved in due to my role, and I am excited to take on the challenges.

 What is it that you want to achieve? 

            I aim to bring more understanding of the organisation’s cause, whilst helping the people that we focus on. I want to help build other people’s dreams. Experience is something else I want to gain.  I have a lot to learn from everyone around here, truly, and I can only hope my knowledge will be of good use to some other people too.

            Naturally, I want to improve and help the organisation achieve the next level, one that helps build more exposure & awareness, impact, structure, gain listeners and contributors. Because I know that my work with the ACH team involves supporting a cause, to begin with, I also want to be part of the change that reshapes everything that we have been educated about refugees.

 What are you hoping to gain from ACH / Himilo?

          Since most of my time is spent in the office during the week, I want to feel as if I am working with a family; one that is honest, caring, motivated and welcoming to all the differences and similarities that arise from our cultures, interests and values.

          I hope I will gain an understanding of the wider community, and how can the different structures and elements help make it better.

 What is your proudest moment in your career? 

             The fact that everything I have chosen career-wise in my past has built me to be here today. I know it may sound vague, but I am proud that I wasn’t afraid to change my roles and get involved with jobs that were challenging and always exploring other sides of this spectrum called media, marketing and communication.




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