Providing Integration Services for Refugees

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Providing Integration Services for Refugees

Established 2008

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Individuals from refugee backgrounds successfully resettled and are now a leading provider of resettlement services for refugees and newly arrived communities in the UK.

65 Staff

Operating in the West of England and the West Midlands as a strategic partner for local authorities, government agencies, and education providers looking to access traditionally hard to reach groups.


We campaign for refugees to be seen as assets to business and communities, as individuals with their own skills, ambitions and needs, whose integration requires an individualised approach.

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Our vision

Our vision is for all refugees coming to the UK to be successfully integrated into our society.

Our mission

To support the settlement and resettlement needs of refugees to develop their independence and equip them with the skills they need to gain sustainable employment.

To promote the positive contribution that refugees can have on our local communities.

To be a nationally recognised leader in the refugee sector, driving change and transforming lives through the dedication and unique expertise of our staff.

To collaborate with partners who share our vision for integration.

Our services

We provide an accommodation-based model of integration support delivered in Birmingham, Bristol and Wolverhampton to over 700 individuals each year.


Himilo, our training subsidiary, provides training and careers support to some 2,500 individuals per year through its SEESI (first language building resilience and agency), Pre-Ignite (transitioning into successful UK employment) and Ignite (employer/ employee skills gap solution services) programs.

Research and Consultancy
Research and Consultancy

ACH are established as research practitioners informing policy through practice, bringing the lived experience of 2,500 individual and their communities into policy design.

Samir's story

Whilst there is still a negative view on refugees which labels them as helpless, unskilled and traumatised people, here at ACH we like to prove this view wrong by demonstrating refugee success stories that highlight their talent, ambition and skills. Samir’s story is one of these successes.