Refugee & BAME Recruitment Partnerships

starbucks refugee recruitment partnership with ACH

Refugee & BAME Recruitment Partnerships

We build careers - not just fill jobs

2500 people in 3 cities come to us every year to access the skills and careers they need. Employers come to us to recruit work-ready talent. 

Standard recruitment practice offers poor value and fails to reach talent in local communities. We bridge this gap - offering bespoke services that get results for employer and employee.

The employers that work with us access the workforce they need and develop lasting skills to recruit differently – giving them a competitive edge.

We offer:

  • Bespoke pre-employment training & selection programmes

  • Vocation specific accredited training

  • Supported pre-selection internships


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With our Employment and Careers Manager Julia Palmer:


or call 0117 941 5339.

What we offer
Employability programmes

Skills for prospective candidates and internal staff


Build business reputation through diversity

Bespoke Programmes

to access new workforce


To up-skill current staff

Skills gap
Bridging the skills gap

In your company


Work-ready candidates

working in partnership with starbucks & co-op

ACH provide pre-employment training and one-to-one support to selected candidates, followed by guaranteed job interviews for Barista roles within Starbucks stores across Birmingham and Bristol.

starbucks barista roles & employment training for refugees



We’re working with Co-op to run courses to equip learners with the skills and knowledge they need to access job opportunities within their Avonmouth warehouse.

co-op warehouse job opportunities for refugees in avonmouth

property maintenance apprenticeships for refugees in the uk

Take on an Apprentice

We are pleased to announce that we've been successfully approved as an Apprenticeship provider, and are now looking for employers who want to take on a Property Maintenance Apprentice.

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