Refugee, Tenant & Learner Stories

Refugee tenants

Refugee, Tenant & Learner Stories

Real Refugee Stories

Imagine being forced to leave your home country, to drop all your plans and start again somewhere entirely new. This is the reality for the thousands of refugees who have arrived in the UK over the last few years. But despite being displaced in unfamiliar surroundings, the people we’ve worked with have shown us time and again that they have the tenacity and ambition to start a new life in the UK: learning English, taking courses, and finding jobs.

Below are real stories of successful refugee integration in Britain; people who, with the right training and support, have settled and rebuilt their lives here in the UK – or forged a career helping others to do the same.

Deq's story

He has completed several courses run by ACH including, English, Maths, Employability and Health & Social Care. Before this he also completed six other courses in another organisation, showing how hard he has worked in order to benefit his new life in the UK.

Ahmad's Story

Coming to the UK from Syria, Ahmad has been with ACH since November 2016, receiving much-needed guidance and support offered by our Birmingham Support Team.

Nicola's Story

Nicola went from being stuck in a dead-end job with no future career prospects, to working for a company where she can change her future and build a career with thanks to our Careers Team in Bristol.

Ishaq's story

Previously, in Uganda, Ishaq taught physics at a secondary school and had great ambitions to carry on with his career in education. Unfortunately, he was forced to leave his home country and became homeless here in the UK.

Mariam's story

Mariam recently took part in a Starbucks Youth Action course we ran with UK Youth. She has gained valuable skills and confidence to help with her studies and career prospects.

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