Balvir Dhillon


Balvir Dhillon is a Fellow of the International Entrepreneurial Educators, the Founder of Golden Ethics, a solution-based company focusing on entrepreneurship, employability, business development, leadership and education. She is Chair and non-Executive of Himilo part of ACH, focusing on asylum and refugee settlement while advocating and providing leadership for the Community Impact Group. Balvir works tirelessly in delivering international humanitarian rights and ensuring the empowerment of diverse communities for justice, freedom of speech and instigating positive actions at home and overseas. Her leadership, management and teaching career led to senior positions within the different sectors as Ambassador, Governor, Chair and Vice Principal within Further Education.

An experienced NLP executive coach, Balvir focuses on coaching and mentoring, creating innovative cultures, and shifting fixed mindsets to nurturing growth mindsets through a practice of organisational development at corporate, public and third sector levels. An active member of Operational Black Vote (OBV), and an Ambassador for Global Poverty Project, she practices genuine interest in closing the gap on child poverty, human rights of women and disadvantaged groups both local, national and international.