Laila Kasem

Laila Kasem

I strongly believe in ACH's mission to empower refugees and migrants who reside in the UK to lead self-sufficient and ambitious lives. Being from Syria, and an immigrant myself, I have first-hand experience of the importance of providing high-quality support to enable refugees and migrants to successfully lead their social and economic integration into their new environments. ACH is a leading provider of such support and I am proud to be a member of the Board.

My two kids, who are the joy of my life, and the desire to do something good that will hopefully make a positive impact on someone's life is what gets me up in the morning.

Besides my own experience being an immigrant and my close observation of the experience of refugees, I bring research expertise in the area of refugee entrepreneurship and integration and a deep knowledge of strategic marketing and business strategy.

In my spare time, I enjoy walking up a hill or being by a beach!

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