Redefining Integration, Diversity & Society

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Redefining Integration, Diversity & Society

Our services
Refugee accommodation

We provide an accommodation-based model of integration support delivered in Birmingham, Bristol and Wolverhampton to over 700 individuals each year.

Refugee & BAME training

Himilo, our training subsidiary, provides training and employment services to some 2,500 individuals per year through its SEESI (first language building resilience and agency), Pre-Ignite (transitioning into successful UK employment) and Ignite (employer/ employee skills gap solution services) programs.

Research and Consultancy
Research and consultancy

ACH is established as a research practitioner informing policy through practice, bringing the lived experience of 3,000 individuals and their communities to date into policy design.

Established 2008

Our offices


refugee centre locations

Our vision

Our vision is for all refugees coming to the UK to be successfully integrated into our society.

Our mission

To support the settlement and resettlement needs of refugees to develop their independence and equip them with the skills they need to gain sustainable employment in the UK.

To promote the positive contribution that refugees can have on our local communities.

To be a nationally and internationally recognised leader in the refugee sector, driving change and transforming lives through the dedication and unique expertise of our staff.

To collaborate with partners who share our vision for refugee integration.

Our values

People come first in all we do. We work for the people and with people, and that is always something we keep in mind.

We are engineering the ways in which society can blend its differences and become stronger through its diversity. We unite the driving force of the people to create services and products to serve the needs of people.

We are here to connect and empower, helping integration happen from the standpoint of the individual- the refugee, the migrant and the local.

We are here to rethink integration and the power of society, where everyone is important, deserves to have the best opportunities in life and everyone can make a change in this.


Individuals from refugee backgrounds impacted upon – we are now a leading provider of refugee support and integration services for newly arrived communities in the UK.

70 Staff

Our staff are all experts in their respective fields, which has enabled our rapid growth to a leading provider of refugee resettlement and integration services in Bristol and the West Midlands.


Our #rethinkingrefugee work challenges stereotypes and establishes individuals with more resilience into the places where they live, supporting people to find employment and become part of an inclusive city.

ACH (@ACHintegrates)

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ACH (@ACHintegrates)

Are you ready? You may have already heard about our exciting new iTalk podcast coming to you on the 18th Aug. No? Well, we'll be tackling the topics of innovation, integration and inclusion with #changemakers making a difference in our society. Here's an extract from ep. 1:

11 Aug 2020, 9:55

ACH (@ACHintegrates)

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11 Aug 2020, 8:51