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Starbucks volunteers and refugees

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ACH & Crisis launch project to help refugees experiencing homelessness

CTI is an evidence-based, housing-led response to ending homelessness, designed to help people who need vital support during periods of transition in their lives.

The Climate Action Project: Tackling climate exclusion in 2021

This year, we’re one of six community partners from across Bristol representing different parts of the community in the fight against climate change through the Climate Action Project.

ACH receives £1 million worth of funding for project

Winning approximately £1 million worth of funding, ACH is now able to implement the Effective Digital Entrepreneurship & Business Support (EDEBS) project.

ACH secures new Coventry housing

Our supported housing provides accommodation to those recently granted refugee status by the Home Office and faced with 28 days to leave government supported housing.

Help ACH provide digital access for refugees

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a broad set of additional challenges to the core work that ACH does, in providing refugees and newly arrived communities with access to accommodation and the necessary skills to integrate successfully and live independently in the UK.

A SCORE Project Update: Tackling Digital Exclusion

COVID-19 has brought the pressing issue of digital exclusion into sharp focus, and we knew we needed to act for our tenants and our communities during this challenging time, to make sure no one would be left behind.

Hassan and Adam's Story

Hassan and Adam are cousins who grew up in the same village in Sudan. Now, they live together in an ACH shared house and are working hard to establish themselves and build a good life in the UK for their families.

Tackling inequality: Timely discussions at the Bristol Race and Housing Conference

Home is the first point of safety, a foundation for the building blocks of life.

Lockdown Book Club | The Displaced: Refugee Writers on Refugee Lives

This collection of short essays written by refugees from a variety of countries and backgrounds explores themes of identity, nationality, loss and roots.