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Starbucks volunteers and refugees

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The SCORE Project: A year of upskilling digital skills

The SCORE project was focused on providing access and support to learning digital skills for forced migrant, allowing them to successfully navigate the digital world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Celebrating the UK Refugee Entrepreneurship Pilot Scheme

The innovative scheme has worked directly with refugees and established businesses to deliver the tailored support they need to build successful businesses.

Bob-UK - Winner of the Nesta CareerTech Challenge and £120,000 Prize

As one of 20 solutions to be shortlisted, ACH and Bayes Impact were awarded a £50,000 grant to develop and test Bob-UK.

Looking back on Ignite Integration & its Success

The ONS Local Migration Indicators (2013-2017) indicate that Coventry has the second-highest number of international migrants.

What's next for the SEESI Project?

What is the SEESI Project?

International Women’s Day 2021: A spotlight on women’s health and migration

When women arrive in the UK, they can have little knowledge of what healthcare is available, and even how the healthcare system differs from their home country.

‘Bringing my family together’: A guide to the process of family reunion

ACH works closely with the Red Cross and legal firms to reunite refugees with their direct family.

MyCoventry Launch

What is the MyCoventry Project about? 

The MyCoventry project is a great initiative that supports Coventry as a ‘City of Peace and Reconciliation’, by welcoming non-EU and EEA National newcomers and giving them t

Health and forced migration: Making the links

Making the links

There is a huge gap in the research when it comes to investigating the link between trauma and health conditions, a pressing issue for refugees.