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ACH pays tribute to the people who lost their lives this week

Our hearts go out to the 27 men, women and children who have tragically lost their lives in the channel whilst trying reach safety in the UK. We are devastated for their families and friends who have lost loved ones in this heart-breaking way.

Celebrating a new office for ACH Coventry

In August 2019, we established ACH Coventry, after speaking to Coventry City Council and realising there was a large demand for refugee support and integration services in the city.

Welcoming Little Amal to Coventry

Little Amal is a 3.5 metre tall puppet, she is a ten year old girl, a child migrant making her way from Syria to find a new life. Her epic, 8,000 km journey is nearly finished.

Supporting newly arrived refugees through Critical Time Intervention

Sarah Walters, Head of Best Practice, Crisis

Co-production on the Community Climate Action Project

We’ve been working this year on the Community Climate Action Project, which aims to support diverse communities across Bristol to become engaged in climate action and environmental issues.

EU Migrant Communities: Integration, Brexit and Covid-19 | A report

At ACH, we focus on building individuals’ resilience in the labour market, upskilling and supporting refugees and migrants into sustainable, higher-level employment to develop their independence and help their integration into life in the UK.

Celebrating the SEESI Project

The system-changing SEESI project, which aims to create a Europe-wide revolution in refugee integration, has come to a close.

Putting refugees needs at the heart of policy with Comic Relief

We are thrilled to have received a generous £600k of funding from Comic Relief to launch the Change Makers Project with RAMP.

Responding to the Nationality and Borders Bill: Seeking asylum is a human right

The Nationality and Borders Bill is a threat to the right to seek asylum enshrined in the 1951 Refugee Convention, and is a very concerning piece of legislation. It will criminalise ‘irregular’ asylum routes, whilst failing to provide safe and legal routes.