ACH team at away day playing drums

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An Interview with our New Board Chair

With a distinguished background in governance and social impact, Museji brings a wealth of experience and a visionary outlook to his role at ACH.

In a recent interview, he shared insights into his journey and vision for ACH's future:

My First 50 days: Abbas Bukhari

Coming from a professional background in Pakistan where software systems were not as advanced, I was eager to immerse myself in more advanced technologies.

Becoming Culinary Entrepreneur: The Accelerated Cooking and Entrepreneurship Course

Over the course of seven weeks, we learned about a variety of bread types, butchery techniques, dietary requirements, fish dishes, and cake making.

A Recap of Our Birmingham Resident Engagement Day

Occurring on the evening of February 23rd, we were delighted to host 15 tenants who came together to share their voices, connect with one another, and provide invaluable feedback on their living experiences.  

Flagship £2.5m public and private sector deal delivers new homes for refugees in Bristol

The innovative deal has been led by ACH (Ashley Community & Housing), a Bristol-based refugee housing and integration organisation, who has chosen South West place-based impact investor BBRC (Bristol & Bath Regional Capital) as its investment partner.

Breaking Barriers and Empowering Citizens-in-Waiting through Education and Training

ESOL classes, while available, are slow-paced with students taking years to reach Level 3 which is a requirement for many entry-level jobs.

A Peek Inside Our Supported Accommodation

Contrary to the common perceptions and grim imagery associated with supported accommodations, our houses are of good standards, offering a neat, well-ventilated, and naturally lit living place. They are more than ‘just a roof over your head’.

A call for certainty for Ukrainians in the UK

Over 56,000 people have signed two separate Parliament petitions calling for the government to allow Ukrainians the right to settle in the UK.

Sewing the Scene at Bristol Old Vic

After engaging with so many women across a wide range of projects, we found that there were mainly two things that bonded the women: food and sewing.