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ACH team at away day playing drums

Blogs and news

Social Enterprise Day: Take a Leap of Faith

As addressed by Fuad during his speaking session, investors ought to move beyond the confines of safe opportunities and embrace the potential of social enterprises.

Internship at ACH: Anusha’s Experience as a Data Analyst Intern

My aim to start...

Business Spotlight: Friendship to Entrepreneurship, Meet Elita and Tiffany

Elita's Artful Journey

Elita has always been a creative and artistic individual from her childhood. Just a few months ago, she founded Eli Art Shop with the aim of showcasing and marketing her own products.

BOV Projects 2023: Preserving Cultural Memories through Pickling

For this year’s project, ACH service users from 10 different nationalities participated in sessions that were delivered by Bristol Old Vic over 12 weeks.

My Journey as a Volunteer Marketer at ACH

ACH is an organisation dedicated to working with refugees and migrants, providing them with essential skills, support, and opportunities for a brighter future, so that's why I wanted to become part of this team.

Uniting Communities Through the Global Language of Football

Our Wolverhampton office has taken a unique approach - organising weekly football matches that bring our staff and tenant community together. After all, football is a universal language that unites us all.

Business Spotlight: The Inspiring Journey of Christina and ‘Garmasiyglass’

Christina had worked various jobs around Bristol but always wanted to find a job relating to her trained vocation – glass work. Despite running her own business and showcasing her art, Christina faced challenges identifying suitable channels for selling

Beyond Housing: Feeling at Home in Bristol

Bristol is facing a worsening housing crisis, recently named the most expensive city to live in the UK outside of London (Cork 2023: 1), and the 13th most expensive city in the world to build in (Arcadis 2023: 6).

ACH Hosts Hackathon to Support Migrant-Led Businesses

We recently hosted an impactful Business Hackathon in partnership with Enactus of Aston University.