ACH team at away day playing drums

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Empowering Culinary Dreams: Celia’s Journey Through the ACE Course

Celia relocated to Bristol in 2023 and brought with her a wealth of experience as the founder of a cooking school and a seasoned cookery teacher from Hong Kong.

Introducing Our New Podcast Series: Wisdom from the Global Majority

This year, we are excited to present five new episodes featuring stories of creativity, determination, and success, all infused with wisdom.

Refugee Week 2024: West Midlands Events

In Coventry we enjoyed a sunny and beautiful day as we gave away free traditional coffee from Sudan, Iran, and Eritrea in the city centre. It was a valuable opportunity to meet new people and spread our message of better inclusion, compassion, and empowerment.

Refugee Week 2024 in Bristol: A Week of Unity and Empowerment

Last week, we celebrated Refugee Week in Bristol with a series of fantastic events highlighting refugees' contributions, creativity, and resilience.

A Home Away from Home

Movies and media may paint a certain picture of the country you unexpectedly find yourself in, but the stark reality often differs greatly from fiction.

Celebrating Volunteers' Week: Maryna's Volunteering Story

Starting on June 3rd, we celebrated Volunteers' Week by launching the "LIKE" campaign to honour our team members who began their journey as volunteers at ACH and have since secured permanent positions.

All about Birmingham's Tenant Festival and Coventry's Fasika

To celebrate Easter/Fasika and Eid, we brought together our tenants and staff for a fantastic time of fun and relationship-building. Our goal is always to make our community feel like home, no matter the circumstances that brought us together.

UK GENERAL ELECTION 2024: A Call for Policy Change and Support for Refugee Integration

This upcoming election offers us an opportunity for policy change and a new direction, we should consider how our individual votes can positively address the pressing issues in the refugee and migrant sectors.

Combining Green Business Skills and Nature Connection

At ACH, we’ve been bustling with activity, dedicated to delivering, refining, and innovating our Introduction to Green Employment course, our Accelerated Cooking and Entrepreneurship course alongside providing continued support to our clients through our Green Gr