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Responding to the borders bill

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The Nationality and Borders Bill is a threat to the right to seek asylum enshrined in the 1951 Refugee Convention, and is a very concerning piece of legislation. It will criminalise ‘irregular’ asylum routes, whilst failing to provide safe and legal routes.

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As addressed by Fuad during his speaking session, investors ought to move beyond the confines of safe opportunities and embrace the potential of social enterprises. The essence of this call lies in the belief that enterprises like ACH are more than just entities but strong catalysts of change and empowerment.

Reflecting further on ACH's journey which commenced amid financial uncertainty, Fuad added that we’ve evolved into a robust organisation that facilitates successful integration and empowers refugees and migrants, thereby, fostering successful lives.

Elita's Artful Journey

Elita has always been a creative and artistic individual from her childhood. Just a few months ago, she founded Eli Art Shop with the aim of showcasing and marketing her own products. At Eli Art Shop, she sells accessories and colourful stickers that she designs and produces herself (gummy bear earrings are our favourites!). Eli conducted extensive online research to determine where and how to showcase and sell her products.

Mohammed's story

Inspirational stories

Read the stories from people who we have had the pleasure of working with and have since settled and rebuilt their lives here in the UK – or forged a career helping others to do the same.