Resettlement Schemes

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Resettlement Schemes

Support for newly arrived Syrian refugees

In July 2019, ACH Birmingham was awarded the ‘Employability Services’ contract by Birmingham City Council to help newly arrived people on the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme (SVPRS) develop their skills for employment.

We are currently providing access to support services, accommodation, education, benefits, health services and also skills for employment through the Employability Services contract.

Our employment support includes:

  • Developing individual career plans and setting career goals
  • Completing Personal Integration Plans through IsTailored
  • Writing CVs, Cover Letters, completing application forms and applying for jobs
  • Finding employment and work experience opportunities (working closely with DWP, Birmingham City Council and employers)
  • Interview practice
  • Identifying skills gaps and enrolling for training courses
  • IELTS access and funding for the programme


Support for newly arrived Afghan refugees

In 2021, ACH Birmingham began an extension of our current services (detailed above) to support newly arrived people from Afghanistan build ambitious and independent lives here in the UK.

In 2021, ACH Bristol began working with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) team to provide a comprehensive package of support to newly arrived Afghan refugees. Through weekly 1-2-1 support sessions and separate group sessions with our Careers Advisors, Business Consultants, and the Bristol DWP team we have been providing vital integration support.

Our support includes:

  • Careers and Employment advice – support with job searches, applications, and understanding the UK labour market
  • Help exploring self-employment and entrepreneurship
  • How to access public services – such as health and mental health support
  • How to receive support and help for domestic violence
  • Help with any other integration or wellbeing needs

We are looking forward to continue working with the DWP team to prepare further support activities for 2022.


To find out more or access our support please:

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Celebrating the Syrian Vulnerable Person's Resettlement Scheme

Over the past 2 years, our training team in Birmingham have been working with 109 people on the SVPRS to assess their needs and develop employment and integration plans. Key to this process has been ACH’s innovative IsTailored, a tool that measures a person’s level of integration, creates a ‘Personal Integration Plan’, and identifies potential barriers to the city.

We’re thrilled to be working with learners through resettlement schemes, supporting people to achieve their personal goals and lead fulfilling lives in their new country. Keep reading to discover more about the project, our celebration and hear from our wonderful Employment Advisor Lina, who told us all about her inspirational story.


ACH works to support newly arrived Afghan refugees

In Bristol, we’ve been working with the DWP to provide vital integration support for newly arrived Afghan refugees. At the moment, people are being temporarily housed in hotels around the city. There is a critical need to offer support and training surrounding employment, wellbeing and integration needs.

Keep reading to find out about the work we’ve been doing to support newly arrived Afghan refugees in Bristol, and the need for support for people arriving via the Afghan resettlement schemes…