2023 impact report cover page

Our impact in 2023

ACH seeks to empower refugees and migrants who reside in the UK to lead self-sufficient and ambitious lives. We believe that increased access to support, training and education creates spaces and opportunities for people to thrive.


We continue to advocate for the UK to be a country that is welcoming and open to people with no other choice but to leave their home and seek sanctuary. Fuad Mahamed, CEO.

Despite the challenges faced in 2023, and after 15 years of changing lives, we are very proud to report that we have helped more than 20,000 people through housing, training and career and business support.

ACH was founded in Bristol in 2008 to provide supported housing to refugees who had recently received their five-year leave to remain. We currently have 802 beds for refugees and vulnerable migrants across our four UK locations and have an annual turnover of more than £8million

A place to

Our communities and service users have faced increasing challenges during 2023, ranging from the cost-of-living crisis, a challenging housing market and the impact of the worsening ‘hostile environment’ narrative.

Despite these barriers, ACH are delighted to report that we have played a crucial role in addressing the immediate needs of our communities, whether that’s through finding safe and secure accommodation for 1256 people, training places for 260 people or business development support for 340 people. We have also provided essential pastoral support for more than 1,000 service users.

2023 in summary

Despite the many trials our communities face, there is cause for optimism. We are delighted to report that, over the last 15 years, we have housed more than 6,500 individuals from refugee and migrant communities, and provided business or training support for more than 13,500 people.
These beneficiaries have gone on to play a full and positive role in the UK. This is something that makes ACH proud and encourages us to continue to offer this vital support for the next 15 years.

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