How Can We Help Refugees?

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How Can We Help Refugees?

Lift the Ban

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We have the opportunity to change policy and improve people’s lives thanks to the launch of the Lift the Ban coalition. We are proud to be supporting this campaign alongside a large number of refugee organisations, faith groups, trade unions and businesses who are uniting in action to make positive change for asylum seekers and the UK economy.

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We are currently facing a skills shortage challenge in many sectors of the UK economy, which threatens to hold back our economic growth.  We believe that harnessing the skills of our refugee population can help counteract this.
ACH were proud to sponsor the annual EPIC and STARS Awards held by Bristol City Council. The awards celebrate achievements of children and young people who are in or have been in care.
CodeDoor and ACH have been working in partnership since Aug 2017. Rashiid is a learner currently doing the Nanodegree and has also been offered support and work experience by Birmingham-based social enterprise The Developer Society.

Mohammed's story

Mohammed is originally from Syria where he was forced to leave the country because of the war.