Museji Ahmed

An Interview with our New Board Chair

As we continue our mission to empower refugees and migrants in the UK, we are delighted to introduce Museji Ahmed Takolia CBE, our newly appointed Board Chair.

Museji described the organisation as innovative, friendly, and punching beyond its weight. Despite its humble beginnings, ACH's footprint extends far beyond expectations.

With a distinguished background in governance and social impact, Museji brings a wealth of experience and a visionary outlook to his role at ACH.

In a recent interview, he shared insights into his journey and vision for ACH's future:

Getting Involved with ACH: Museji's involvement with ACH stemmed from his attendance at the Rethinking Refugee Conference, where he was inspired by the organisation's innovative approach to social housing.

After his tenure at the Mayor Marvin Rees's Commission on Race Equality concluded he desired to remain engaged in Bristol, then an opportunity arose. With the time he had, his commitment to Bristol, and his discovery of the expansive impact of ACH, reaching beyond Bristol to the West Midlands, he eagerly seized the chance to contribute to a national dialogue on migrant and refugee integration.

First Impressions of ACH: Speaking on his initial impressions of ACH, Museji described the organisation as innovative, friendly, and punching beyond its weight. Despite its humble beginnings, ACH's footprint extends far beyond expectations.

Furthermore, Museji highlighted ACH's ability to develop robust systems, attract best talents, nurture leaders, and maintain a proactive stance with governments as factors that formed his favourable first impression of us.

Personal Philosophy on Refugee Integration: Museji emphasised the importance of a two-way integration process, highlighting the need for welcoming policies and narratives amidst a backdrop of political hostility and what he referred to as a "charged, sadly negative atmosphere". He stressed the economic and social benefits of migration, urging for a shift towards a more inclusive and welcoming approach.

Museji believes it's important for every country to manage migration. But he thinks the economic and social benefits in that conversation has been lost, acknowledging the task we have to present factual evidence and narratives. wants to change that by sharing real stories of people whose lives have improved through migration. By spotlighting stories of individuals who have transformed their lives and positively impacted the nation, we can collectively reframe the dialogue and highlight the tangible benefits of migration.

Goals Leading the Board: As Chair of the Board, Museji aims to contribute to the national debate on refugee integration, leveraging ACH's in-depth research and impactful stories to drive positive change. He envisions further contribution beyond Bristol to areas with a significant need for support like the West Midlands, where ACH currently occupies.
He takes pride in maintaining a standard of quality and consistency throughout ACH's operations by meticulously attending to the systems, personnel, and governance.

Beyond Work: When he's not leading ACH, Museji enjoys supporting his loved ones and staying healthy. He enjoys sports 'watching' more than 'playing' and loves keeping his mind engaged with intellectually stimulating work.

We happily welcome Museji on board and believe that through his leadership, we are poised to make an even greater impact in the lives of refugees and migrants across the UK. 

About Museji Ahmed Takolia: Museji is a highly respected non-executive director with a broad portfolio of governance roles with charities, including ministerial and board appointments in education(OFSTED), healthcare - CHI (regulator of the NHS in England), and social housing - Group Chair of the Metropolitan Housing Partnership (MHP).

Alongside his role at ACH, Museji currently serves as a Panel Chair for the regulation of professional practice at the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC Fitness to Practice Committee).