Abdulazim in Coventry Office

Celebrating International Migrants Day | Abdulazim's Story

International Migrants Day has been celebrated around the world on 18 December since 2000. During this week, we want to celebrate the achievements and show what they can achieve when given the opportunity. We are dedicated to building a better future for refugees and migrants in the UK. Therefore, we provide integration services that create opportunities for individuals to lead independent and ambitious lives.

Today, we are sharing Abdulazim’s story….

Keep reading to find out more about some of the difficulties he faced arriving in the UK, and how ACH partnered with other organisations in Coventry to support Abdulazim's integration journey and next steps in the UK...

‘I like ACH company because they make me feel like I have family here because I just go there and they support me quickly’ - Abdulazim

Abdulazim first came to the UK from Afghanistan as a refugee in 2020. When he arrived the UK was under full lockdown as a result of Covid-19. This made starting his life in a new country, meeting new people and learning English a challenge. After leaving government accommodation, Abdulazim came to ACH in search of housing and support getting back on his feet, and was offered supported housing with ACH.

Abdulazim suffered from stress and depression, reaching out to his GP and to his ACH support worker to ask for counselling for trauma and support managing appointments and paperwork. Abdulazim was struggling with life in the UK, feeling isolated and depressed by his lack of independence as he had been unable to access employment or education due to language and civic barriers. In Afghanistan, Abdulazim had been a self-employed skilled tradesperson, but in the UK he didn’t know how to start a business or become employed to use his skills.

After reaching out to his support worker, ACH’s Coventry team sprang into action, supporting Abdulazim to access workshops on coping mechanisms, confidence building and personal agency. His support worker also referred him to local mental health services, to provide him with specialist mental health care. The ACH Coventry team encouraged Abdulazim to register for the MyCoventry program, through which ACH offers English for Work and Community Leadership modules as part of an Employability Course.

‘I like ACH company because they make me feel like I have family here because I just go there and they support me quickly’ - Abdulazim

After completing his courses, Abdulazim had the opportunity to interview for employment opportunities, having seen a huge boost in his confidence in his English and employability skills. Abdulazim is now eager to work on his CV and build his entrepreneurship skills, and he is working towards a dream of setting up a translator business so he can assist his community with integration into UK life. Abdulazim now has the confidence to become an active member of society, and is volunteering at a Coventry based non-profit and feels ready to enter employment in the near future.

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