CodeDoor open day in Birmingham

codedoor open day for refugees poster

CodeDoor open day in Birmingham

Ashley Community Housing has joined forces with CodeDoor, a non-profit organisation that has its roots in Germany. Existing as the sole provider of this course, our Birmingham office is pleased to be working with CodeDoor to bring this wonderful opportunity to refugees in the West Midlands. 

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CodeDoor is a long-term investment but with a rewarding career at the end of it

CodeDoor aims to teach refugees the complex work of computer programming, and aid refugee integration by improving their employment opportunities. By the end of the course, refugees are also able to gain a recognised Nanodegree. 

The course is split into two parts. The first few weeks are an introduction course in coding. Those who attend are able to learn some basic coding, how to access the internet and the foundation of developing web pages. 

Those who show their commitment to these introduction classes are put forward to gain their Nanodegree. In less than a year, refugees will walk away with a recognised degree qualification amongst IT businesses in the UK and America. 

Once our learners reach the end of their course, we assist them in finding jobs and prepping them for interviews. The skills gained at the end of the course are ideal for companies. Once the learners are skilled up, they are put in touch with local organisations who are in search of skilled employees. 

We are excited to announce our CodeDoor open event on the 21st of February at ACH Birmingham. With the help of Terry Williamson, our talented volunteer facilitator, we wish to meet the refugees and asylum seekers in our communities and the organisations that serve them. 

Terry Williamson, our expert volunteer facilitator says; 

“CodeDoor is a long-term investment but with a rewarding career at the end of it.” 

We anticipate a great turn-out and urge all those interested to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. 

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