COVID-19: We Don't Need Heroes- We Need Synced Collective Action


COVID-19: We Don't Need Heroes- We Need Synced Collective Action

Coronavirus has just marked the beginning of a new decade and is giving us very important lessons about humanity, society, our current economic, medical, educational and professional ecosystems.

It has brought a lot of pain with it and disturbed normality in ways only other historical events have managed to do.

When the news about the effects of the coronavirus has spread, an instant panic has fallen over individuals fighting their way to supply their homes with everything necessary preparing for a possible viral hibernation. Shelves started looking deserted, and those who haven't made it in time would have to be fine with anything else (if applicable) or figure something out. At that moment, most people forgot about the necessities all of us have, on top of other problems.

Whilst it is understandable for one to care for him/herself and their dear ones, caring for others and letting them have the chance to protect themselves means building an even safer external environment. You might be safe in your home, but it's no use if the world outside is falling into pieces.

Those who bought multiple sanitizer bottles discarded that those who didn't get a chance to buy one will infect more surfaces with their hands. As such, one is at a higher risk if those around are more exposed and ill. Two people wearing masks will always be safer than one wearing a mask and one with a bare mouth sneezing and spreading the virus through vapours/droplets. It is that simple.

The United Kingdom seems to find it hard to unite and stand together. It might be because people got to be so confused about the nature of the virus, or all the conspiracies around its purpose. But some facts remain still- people are dying, and it is happening fast. Therefore, WE NEED TO ACT FAST!

First, remember everyone is in this situation. Second, understand we are all in different categories and positions in our lives. Some have big families they need to keep healthy and fed, some have been left unemployed and can't afford to buy more expensive food because the cheapest items are already unavailable due to abundant/ panic shopping. This pandemic is not about us as individuals, but us as a group. How we collectively manage this situation will define the challenges we will be facing in the future.

This is A COLLECTIVE ACT OF CONTRIBUTION. We need to collectively have the maturity and civic spirit to make rational decisions. Every day we decide how we write down history and how much we care for humanity. The longer we extend this period- the harder are going to be the consequences.

The situation is by no means only about us individually! Think of all the doctors doing their best to save the lives of so many people due to this pandemic on top of everyone else who was already ill! They didn't make this situation about themselves, protesting how they are at risk and how draining it is to lose so many people on a daily basis. Doctors haven't asked to have to be heroes. These praises are an unfair trade where our ignorance costs their very hard work. Even worse, the cost hasn't stopped there, and it's being paid with someone's life. We need to realize that we help increase the number of people they have to see losing and carry the pain of not being able to save them!

To make it safer for everyone we need to align and stand strong to protect each other. In this case, we are asked to stay home, it's that simple! This period is temporary, but the changes and decisions we will make in this period will be permanent and define the future.

Call the elders and see how they are feeling, check on your work colleagues, or friends and find out how working from home/or not having a job in these hard times makes them feel. Help as much as you can, because kindness will be paid forward!

We are given the opportunity to shorten this period and to sync with the collective moral duty of staying home; or make it harder by indefinitely continuing this period of uncertainty and losing more people along the way.