Migrant Entrepreneurship: Exploring the importance of language & culture

Migrant Entrepreneurship

Migrant Entrepreneurship: Exploring the importance of language & culture

The power of language is a very powerful tool, it effects the way we see the world and the way the world sees us

Migrant Entrepreneurship | Exploring the importance of language and culture, was an event organised by ACH, in collaboration with West of England Combined Authority and the University of Bristol, that took place Tuesday 29th June on Zoom.

Hosted by ACH, this event explored migrant entrepreneurship and the role language and culture play in this, a key factor to our recently launched Effective Digital Entrepreneurship & Business Support (EDEBS) project. EDEBS is an £1 million project, aiming to assist 500 migrant entrepreneurs in setting up or enhancing their existing businesses through personalised business support.

Scroll down to watch the video of our panelists fascinating insights.

About the event

Over the past ten years one of the largest flows of refugees has been from Arabic speaking countries such as Syria, Yemen, Sudan and Iraq as people flee war and persecution. Many bring with them significant skills, experience, networks and entrepreneurial talent, seeing enterprise as a route to autonomy.

In this event we heard from two leading business academics, Laila Kasem and Deema Refai and Yumello entrepreneur, Omar, to explore the barriers migrant entrepreneurs face and importantly, how these barriers can be overcome. At ACH we are keen to focus on social diversity through adjusted business support services that fit the journey and needs of diverse entrepreneurs.


A massive thank you to our panel for their fascinating insights and to all that attended! Watch the event in our video below.

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