An ACH employee being interviewed by the press about refugees


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Refugee resettlement scheme aims to find quality jobs for 25,000 individuals across the West Midlands and the West of England.

A West Midlands initiative aimed at helping refugees integrate into the community says more employers should step forward with job offers for them.

“We have the opportunity to change policy and improve people’s lives thanks to the launch of the Lift the Ban coalition,” said ACH’s Rose Adderley.

“Denying asylum seekers the right to work is not only a waste of their skills, it is also a wasted opportunity for UK businesses.”

Organisations and charities seeking to make the most of Bristol’s diverse talent pool can draw on experience from pioneers in the field at a free event. With turbulent times facing the public sector, it has never been more important to have the right staff, capable of maximising productivity and decision-making. Keynote speakers include founder of Gapsquare Dr Zara Nanu and Richard Thickpenny of ACH, a social enterprise working to resettle refugees.

How can businesses best access the skills of refugees in the West Midlands?

That’s the topic for discussion at a roundtable discussion event being held in Birmingham by ACH / Himilo on 20 September, 2018.

Integrating young refugees in Bristol

How ACH is working with UK Youth and Starbucks to help young refugees in Bristol into employment. ITV West Country filmed one of the classes and interviewed Hikmatyar about his experience as a young refugee in the city.

Government housing proposals for supported housing could destabilise the entire sector. Article by Jasmin Gray in the Huffington Post.

Naomi from our Support Team went on Ujima Radio to talk about all things ACH, including our annual Bristol Refugee Festival bike ride and the ARIVE project.

How ACH has partnered with Starbucks and Co-op to get our tenants — including resettled refugees — into work.