Mohammed's Story

Mohammed is a refugee who did courses with ACH

Mohammed's Story

Originally from Sudan, Mohammed first moved to Bristol in January 2015. He had a friend who was also living in Bristol; however, when he did move here his friend left for London, leaving Mohammed feeling alone in a new city.

I am really happy, and I have to say thank you so much to everyone at ACH

Fortunately, he was put in contact with ACH. “They got me a room in a house and they helped me with an ESOL class with my teacher Matilda Kay. I did lots of courses with Matilda Kay and Tom.”

During his time with ACH, Mohammed has completed several courses such as Health and Safety and I.T. These have helped him to build up his English and Employability skills – “When I first came to the UK I didn’t speak a lot of English, but today I am confident in my English”.

Now, Mohammed is working full-time in Primark, thanks to help from the ACH support team. He is really enjoying his job and has been there for over a year now and hoping to continue for the foreseeable future. Before his job, Mohammed also completed several volunteering opportunities, showcasing his enthusiasm for learning new skills and his ambition to get into work.

“Mohammed is such an inspiration. He has got involved with all kinds of volunteering, education and training. It’s really paid off for him as he now has a permanent job and feels so much more settled in the UK” says Rachel, his support worker. Mohammed also benefitted from our weekly Job Club which runs in Bristol at our training centre. He says that job club helped him to “understand and do well in job interviews”. “I am really happy, and I have to say thank you so much to everyone at ACH”.

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