Nicola's Story

Nicola who studied with Ashley Community Housing

Nicola's Story

My biggest achievement right now is that I’m getting somewhere, and I’ve got a certificate at home that says that I’m a leader and I’m so proud of that.

Nicola has gone from being stuck in a dead-end job with no future career prospects, to being promoted within 2 weeks at her new role with Black Stag Marketing, thanks to help from one of our careers advisers, Marghoob. 

“I’ve never had a CV in my life; I’ve never written one and I really don’t like computers – I hate them full stop. Margz was brilliant, he quickly helped me write my CV out which was brilliant and then he taught me how to send emails. It was absolutely wicked, and he gave me the time because he knew how to explain it in my terminology” says Nicola.

After booking an appointment with our careers team in Bristol, Nicola came away with a CV and basic computer skills, which enabled her to apply for a new role after being fed-up of working for a minimum wage in a job that was going nowhere. She applied for Black Stag Marketing, a direct marketing company that specialise in face-to-face acquisitions. They were impressed with her application and after 2 interviews Nicola was offered a full-time position with the company.

Simon who works for Black Stag Marketing explains more; “It’s all based around self-development. I think Nic will agree that she’s learnt loads of new skills since she’s been here, whether it’s talking to people face-to-face or coaching other people.”

Amazingly, Nicola got a promotion after being with the company for only 2 weeks. She is now a Leader after progressing from a Brand Ambassador. “I’m doing this to make my children proud of me and Black Stag are behind me 110%,” says Nicola. “My biggest achievement right now is that I’m getting somewhere, and I’ve got a certificate at home that says that I’m a leader and I’m so proud of that.”

Simon has only praise for Nicola, “Nic became independent in her first week which was great. She is a very quick learner and she’s been a good person to have around the office because she has that energy about her.”

We wish Nicola all the best in her role and would like to say thank you to Marghoob for the time and dedication he spent with Nicola for their careers sessions.

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