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Nesrin first approached ACH looking for English language lessons. With a passion for cooking Egyptian food, she became curious if she could start a business and if ACH could support her.

Joining our Migrant Business Support programme in November 2021, Nesrin launched Nessi Cuisine 4 months later making amazing Egyptian Street food! She has since catered for around 200 people at the Watershed café, Bristol and is even leading an English language and cooking course with Coexist and ACH.

“Come to ACH, because you will find much support even financial and emotional support.”

Keep reading to find out more about Nessi Cuisine and the support Nesrin received to get her business up and running.

When I am with people in ACH, I feel a little bit better and that I can speak more. I became more confident.

About Nesrin and her business idea

Nesrin joined ACH’s business support in November 2021 working with one of our Business Consultants in Bristol with the hope of bringing her business idea to life.

Discovering ACH by chance after noticing an advertisement while walking, Nesrin signed up for some free training classes with one of our tutors. During this time, she became curious if she could start a business and if ACH could support her. Growing up in Egypt her aim was to start an Egyptian Street food business that could appeal to everyone; vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters alike. Already knowing ACH, Nesrin felt comfortable and trusted us to support her with her business idea.

“I feel so comfortable here with them. I trust them.”

The process of bringing Nesrin’s business idea to life

After establishing Nesrin’s business idea, and name – Nessie Cuisine, she needed support financially and in promoting her business. Our business consultants helped Nesrin with designing and printing flyers for her business and also in gaining the confidence to take the steps to set up Nessie Cuisine.

“When I am with people in ACH, I feel a little bit better and that I can speak more. I became more confident.” Nesrin enrolled in a 6-week English language and cookery course through Coexist, which allowed her to meet and communicate with more people while also learning about different foods from across the world. After taking part in the course Nesrin had the opportunity to make food with Coexist, who supported Nesrin in finding a place, time, equipment and funding for the ingredients. The event was a big success and helped Nesrin in building her confidence to set up Nessi Cuisine.

“Shalini and Eloise [ACH’s Business Consultants] are all really supportive and are enjoying their work. They are very welcoming and helpful.”

The business now...

Nessi Cuisine launched in February 2022 making amazing Egyptian Street food!

“It's completely different from the beginning. Now I can calculate [costs] better. I can serve [food] better and I can have better conversations with people.”

After launching Nessi Cuisine, ACH’s Business Consultant, Shalini, introduced Nesrin to Horeya, where she has since done events with Watershed café in Bristol, cooking food for around 200 people. It was Nesrin’s first time doing something like this which brought with it some nerves, but when she started to see how much people enjoyed her food the nerves turned to confidence. ACH and Coexist, who supported Nesrin in the early stages of her business, are also now going to collaborate to run an English language and cooking course, which Nesrin is leading.

In the beginning, Nesrin wanted to work from home making food however, step by step she is now starting to think about having a small van or tent. Looking forward Nesrin is also considering broadening her business and collaborating with one or two other food businesses from different countries.

Any advice for people thinking about setting up a business?

“Come to ACH, because you will find much support even financial and emotional support.”

“Calculate first, what you want. Go to shops, which are related to the business you want to start. Do your market research.”

Would you recommend ACH for business support?

“For everyone.”

We are really proud of Nesrin for creating and growing her business, Nessi Cuisine, which serves delicious and authentic Egyptian food! We also want to congratulate Nesrin, who has now become a business mentor for ACH’s clients and supports others who want to start a business.

Get in touch with Nesrin if you would like her to cater for your next event, get-together, or to just enjoy at home.

Nessi Cuisine

07444 275097

Thinking about setting up your own business?

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