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International Education Day

Happy International Education Day! Today is the day to celebrate equality and inclusion for quality education, and to celebrate the worldwide effort to help children and adolescents out of poverty.

Read more about Education Day and how we at ACH are working towards the sustainable development goals to create quality, accessible education.

“Education day is a platform to showcase the most important transformations that have to be nurtured to realize everyone’s fundamental right to education.” Noted from the United Nations.


Education is one of the keyways to address inequality, exclusion and help to heal our damaged planet. Transforming the future requires an urgent rebalancing of our relationships with each other, with nature, as well as with technology. We need to campaign for this and get involved in democratic participation, to help unlearn exclusionary systems, drive change and make space for new ways of learning that are appropriate for everyone. Education offers a ladder out of poverty and a pathway to a promising future. The Sustainable Development Goals - https://sdgs.un.org/goals - are 17 goals created as an urgent call to action for all countries. The SDGs reflect a global need to improve health, education, reduce inequality and spur economic growth. Quality Education is one of these goals.


How do we at ACH work towards the sustainable development goal – Quality education?

ACH and Himilo Training, an ACH subsidiary, helps refugee and migrant communities in the UK move beyond the poverty line by housing newly arrived refugees, supporting refugee and migrant communities to grow their business ideas, providing education and training and advice on basic wellbeing skills. We’ve also been developing our SEESI Education training (through the IEEDO project), a new training course that aims to support people using a much more tailored approach to the individual’s needs. This is a positive change that helps educate those that need it the most, in the best possible way.


Inspirational Stories

Abdulbagi Yousef, came to ACH in January 2019, and left at the end of the year after he was offered a council property in Wolverhampton which ACH had assisted him with. One of Abdulbagi’s job options was to find a warehouse job, like many newly arrived refugees. However, ACH staff helped him further to create a more substantial vision for his career. He is now studying Finance and Accounting at Wolverhampton University and will graduate in 2023. Abdulbagi thanks ACH staff for their support as they had an influence on his new path to success and a better life.

We congratulate Abdulbagi in working towards his bigger career aspirations. And wish him luck for the future.