Meet the team leaders: Jane Franklin

Jane Franklin

Meet the team leaders: Jane Franklin

I’m Jane Franklin and I lead on training for ACH Himilo. I build the curriculum, we work together with City of Bristol College to build the curriculum that fits to the community and on a daily basis I support how that is delivered by supporting tutors and learners, ensuring that quality is met.

How do you think your work has impacted ACH, the local community or wider policy?

I like to think that we can support our tenants integrating into the community more, and support integration in the community as a whole from the way we deliver and where we deliver from. So we have a Food Hygiene course coming up which we’re really looking forward to delivering for ladies that want to go into catering. We have Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) and these courses can support a wide range of people from mentors to physical trainers; anybody who is working with a client. And engaging more with the community, we are looking forward to going out and meeting with more stakeholders.

What is the best thing about working at ACH?

It’s like a family in a way. The way we all work together, we each have our roles, but the way that we all support each other for the greater good (without sounding too over the top), I think it’s really what is at the core of what we do here.

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