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#RethinkingRefugee x UWE Podcast Series

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the University of the West of England to bring you an extraordinary podcast series!

These podcast series are created by talented UWE students and feature our amazing business clients. In our very first episode, hosted by the talented Rica Garcia, we had the pleasure of featuring our valuable business client and receptionist, Nesrin.

Nesrin came from Egypt and first approached ACH looking for English language lessons. With a passion for cooking Egyptian food, she became curious if she could start a business and if ACH could support her. She became the first client of Shalini, from our Business Support team. Nesrin, Shalini and Eloise worked together to bring Nessi Cuisine to life. Now, you can order delicious dishes from Nessi Cuisine and even count on them to cater for your events.

Curious to hear Nesrin's incredible journey in her own words? Don't miss our first podcast episode, where she shares her story of courage, determination, and the power of following your dreams.

The journey continues in our second episode! The talented Mary takes the stage as our host, and we are absolutely thrilled to feature our lovely business client, Sevilay.

Sevilay is a successful and determined designer/ illustrator who has transformed her passion into her occupation through the creation of her own business, Blufauna. Sevilay's journey holds valuable lessons for all of us.

After completing her studies in law, she didn't set boundaries for her dreams. She fearlessly followed her heart and embraced her dreams. Expanding the horizons of her company, she seamlessly integrated a new business line, offering a unique blend of legal consultancy and graphic design services.

Sevilay takes part in ACH’s seasonal Craft Fairs, held in partnership with Bristol Old Vic. Here, she showcases her beautifully designed cards, stickers, and an array of other delightful creations. These events not only showcase her incredible talent but also provide a platform for her to make new connections and expand her network.

Embarking on a new career in a different country as a migrant, she sought opportunities and applied to ACH. There, she collaborated with our amazing business facilitators, Eloise and Shalini, who have been unwavering in their support throughout her journey.

Are you eager to join Sevilay on her thrilling adventure of changing jobs and countries? Don't miss out on the podcast, where you can be a part of her inspiring journey! Tune in and get ready to be amazed!

We will be with you in 2024 with new episodes, so keep following us!

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