#rethinkingrefugee: Latest News & Campaign Updates


#rethinkingrefugee: Latest News & Campaign Updates

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There is a lot of confusion about how Brexit will impact many parts of UK life. For us, one of the key questions is how will Brexit impact the refugee crisis? We look at different angles to this complex issue.

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Since launching the project in October 2019, the Himilo training team have been engaging with clients to assist them with developing their skills set to gain employment. It also provides them with additional support with accommodation, education, orientation, access to benefits, GP registration, ESOL and access to health services.

Globally and nationally, the climate crisis will affect the most at risk in society. Studies show that groups and communities most affected by environmental and climate issues are the least likely to be listened to or allowed access to spaces of decision making. Disadvantaged communities are likely to be people who have contributed least to the climate crisis, but are set to feel the negative effects more acutely.

The newly announced Refugee Outcomes Transition Fund (RTOF) offers a new funding mechanism for those working to help resettle and integrate refugees. 

This event, hosted by ACH (recently awarded the prestigious Queens Award for Enterprise), explored how Outcome Based Commissioning can be used to provide a holistic, person-centric approach to refugee integration.


Mohammed's story

Mohammed is originally from Syria where he was forced to leave the country because of the war.