#rethinkingrefugee: Latest News & Campaign Updates


#rethinkingrefugee: Latest News & Campaign Updates

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There is a lot of confusion about how Brexit will impact many parts of UK life. For us, one of the key questions is how will Brexit impact the refugee crisis? We look at different angles to this complex issue.

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Can you tell us a bit about your background?

My family were Chinese-Vietnamese. In 1978 there was a lot of persecution and ethnic cleansing of Chinese-Vietnamese people in Vietnam. Lots of people left. Chinese people were particularly persecuted because they were predominantly business people. Under the communist regime it was a difficult environment to be in.

Our Refugee Entrepreneurship Project works with businesses and entrepreneurs in Bristol from a refugee or migrant background, to help them to access business support opportunities, get ideas off the ground and take their businesses to the next level.

The ACH Entrepreneurship Team offer one-on-one facilitation support to entrepreneurs form a refugee background in Bristol to offer tailored support and guidance. At present, our 1:1 support is being held by phone or video call.

This prestigious nomination from Career Tech Challenges includes a grant of £50,000 to develop and test Bob-UK, before a winner is announced in March 2021. The Career Tech Challenge Prize is a national competition run by Nesta Challenges and the Department of Education, and aims to innovate careers provision in the UK. 


Mohammed's story

Mohammed is originally from Syria where he was forced to leave the country because of the war.