#rethinkingrefugee: Latest News & Campaign Updates


#rethinkingrefugee: Latest News & Campaign Updates

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There is a lot of confusion about how Brexit will impact many parts of UK life. For us, one of the key questions is how will Brexit impact the refugee crisis? We look at different angles to this complex issue.

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CTI is an evidence-based, housing-led response to ending homelessness, designed to help people who need vital support during periods of transition in their lives. Originating in the US, CTI is proven to help people to sustain a tenancy and build the foundations for someone to become part of the community.

This year, we’re one of six community partners from across Bristol representing different parts of the community in the fight against climate change through the Climate Action Project.

We are passionate about building climate resilience from within our community, and creating space for diverse voices to influence policy and access opportunities within the green economy.

Winning approximately £1 million worth of funding, ACH is now able to implement the Effective Digital Entrepreneurship & Business Support (EDEBS) project. A grand project backing the economic integration needs of non-EU migrants and refugees in the West of England and West Midlands.


Mohammed's story

Mohammed is originally from Syria where he was forced to leave the country because of the war.