#rethinkingrefugee: Latest News & Campaign Updates


#rethinkingrefugee: Latest News & Campaign Updates

Responding to the borders bill

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The Nationality and Borders Bill is a threat to the right to seek asylum enshrined in the 1951 Refugee Convention, and is a very concerning piece of legislation. It will criminalise ‘irregular’ asylum routes, whilst failing to provide safe and legal routes.

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Our hearts go out to the 27 men, women and children who have tragically lost their lives in the channel whilst trying reach safety in the UK. We are devastated for their families and friends who have lost loved ones in this heart-breaking way.

In August 2019, we established ACH Coventry, after speaking to Coventry City Council and realising there was a large demand for refugee support and integration services in the city. With the help of the council and our partner organisations in Coventry, we decided to set up an office in the city to help drive a better future for refugees and migrants.

Since starting ACH Coventry in 2019, we have:

Little Amal is a 3.5 metre tall puppet, she is a ten year old girl, a child migrant making her way from Syria to find a new life. Her epic, 8,000 km journey is nearly finished. She has travelled through Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and France, and will finally reach her destination and her new home in Manchester today on the 3rd November. She has taken a route many other children have travelled en route to a better life, perhaps fleeing from violence and persecution.


Mohammed's story

Mohammed is originally from Syria where he was forced to leave the country because of the war.