#rethinkingrefugee: Latest News & Campaign Updates

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#rethinkingrefugee: Latest News & Campaign Updates

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There is a lot of confusion about how Brexit will impact many parts of UK life. For us, one of the key questions is how will Brexit impact the refugee crisis? We look at different angles to this complex issue.

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This month, we were invited by the SS Great Britain to attend a workshop run by their poet-in-residence; Saili Katebe- also known as “The Blissful Nomad”. As part of the Afrika Eye Festival, Saili spent a week on the SS Great Britain, drawing inspiration from the ship to create poetry and help people connect in new ways with the huge historic vessel.

The big move is coming up quickly, and after months of planning we can announce that we will be moving next week. After so much hard work planning, organising and re-fitting the new premises, we can't wait to move into our specially-designed new office. Our new office is specially designed for the needs of ACH Bristol, with more rooms for tenant appointments, a waiting area and new kitchen.

It’s Friday morning, and my day begins unusually early at 8am as I call the GP on behalf of one of our tenants. He has issues around insomnia, so would struggle to wake up early enough to book himself an appointment. I spent the next 30 minutes going through my morning routine and take the time to clear my head by walking slowly into work.


Mohammed's story

Mohammed is originally from Syria where he was forced to leave the country because of the war.