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Becoming Culinary Entrepreneur: The Accelerated Cooking and Entrepreneurship Course

Just before Christmas, in partnership with Co-exist Community Kitchen, we successfully wrapped up our third round of the Accelerated Cooking and Entrepreneurship course. Eight budding home cooks acquired all the necessary skills to embark on their journey towards becoming professional chefs.

The food is such an important thing for me, and I love to share my experience. All the people in the kitchen are very friendly, kind, helpful, and nice. I really love this kitchen, to be honest. -Fatima, a graduate from Sudan.

Over the course of seven weeks, we learned about a variety of bread types, butchery techniques, dietary requirements, fish dishes, and cake making. The chefs were also taught key information needed to adhere to all legal requirements set by the city council regarding food businesses and all the skills needed to start their businesses on the path to success.

Throughout the course, we were extremely lucky to hear from business experts, including Blessing Mutamba representing Natwest, Jai Breitnauer from Better Events – the company that organises large markets around Bristol, and professional photographer Zhenya Meleysk who took shots of each chef and their food. Chefs also heard from entrepreneurs in the food industry being supported by ACH’s business support programme, including Salha, owner of the very successful Salha’s Sudanese Kitchen.

Eloise Clemmings, the lead business advisor who co-delivered the business half of the course, said, “It has been a joy working with another motivated group of individuals and tasting their incredible creations. Not only do we learn kitchen and business elements in the course, but we also share knowledge, food and techniques from different cultures, which give us rich conversations in the classroom and which the chefs can incorporate into their practices throughout life!”

Chefs graduating from the programme have now been sampling and selling their food from Co-Exist Kitchen through the ‘Guest Chef Wednesday’ series. So far in the series, we have had delicious food from:

  • Vida cooked Afghan Borani Bademjan – slow-cooked aubergine, a tasty blend of fried aubergines, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and a medley of fresh spices. Served with fresh bread.
  • Sajeeda prepared Ashak - a traditional Afghan dumpling dish with leeks and chives topped with a hearty tomato-based sauce garnished with yoghurt and dried mint. And Mantu, another type of dumping stuffed with meat, onions and spices – again finished with a tomato-based sauce, yogurt, and a sprinkle of dried mint.
  • Meriam made incredible Misir Wot (lentil stew) and Doro Wot (spicy chicken stew) - Both served with beetroot stew and rice. With the optional extra for Injera, a delicious Ethiopian flatbread with a pancake-like texture.
  • Banu cooked Afghan Ash Reshteh, a hearty noodle soup garnished with fried mint, garlic, onions, and a dollop of creamy kashk. For those craved something sweet, Kolcha Cookies accompanied the meal.
  • Muzghan offered  Afghani Boloni, which is a leek & potato stuffed flatbread served with spiced yoghurt and a crisp side salad.
  • Rita and her mother cooked tofu, egg fried rice and smacked cucumber salad.

Lunch boxes are £6 and can be purchased on the day from Co-Exist Kitchen (BS5 6JF) from 12.30 pm, you can pay in cash or by card. We recommend you arrive early to avoid missing out, as these delicious dishes can quickly sell out!

Stay tuned to Co-Exist Kitchen's social media accounts and website for updates on upcoming chefs!

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