Fuad at Big Society Capital

Social Enterprise Day: Take a Leap of Faith

Our CEO, Fuad Mahamed recently joined Members of Parliament, investors from across the UK, and fellow social enterprises, at a 'meet and greet' session at the Parliament, brilliantly organised by Big Society Capital alongside other partners. It was a great prelude to #SocialEnterpriseDay and served as a valuable platform to share the impactful work we do.

As addressed by Fuad during his speaking session, investors ought to move beyond the confines of safe opportunities and embrace the potential of social enterprises. The essence of this call lies in the belief that enterprises like ACH are more than just entities but strong catalysts of change and empowerment.

Reflecting further on ACH's journey which commenced amid financial uncertainty, Fuad added that we’ve evolved into a robust organisation that facilitates successful integration and empowers refugees and migrants, thereby, fostering successful lives.

Social enterprises like ours are not only creating tangible impact but also deserving of robust support. The recently unveiled research from Social Enterprise UK revealing that UK social enterprises generated £1.2bn in profit over the past year, with £1bn reinvested into vital social causes, underscores the significance of our collective effort.

This data challenges us to stretch our ambitions and to broaden our perspective around investing. It is in the same vein that Fuad urged all to “take a leap of faith”. The event at the served as a convergence point for like-minded individuals—social entrepreneurs, Members of Parliament, and investors to deliberate.

The event demonstrated the growing recognition of the impact made by social enterprises across the UK. It also provided an opportunity to engage with fellow social entrepreneurs, Members of Parliament, and investors who share our commitment to making a positive difference.

In the spirit of Social Enterprise Day, let's continue to build a world where social enterprises flourish—where success is measured not only in profits but in the lasting impact we leave on the lives we touch.

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