Help ACH provide digital access for refugees

WIFI Fundraiser

Help ACH provide digital access for refugees

Help us provide access to online learning and employment opportunities for refugees in Coventry and beyond!

Your donation will help us to give our tenants the necessary tools to thrive in a post-COVID world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a broad set of additional challenges to the core work that ACH does, in providing refugees and newly arrived communities with access to accommodation and the necessary skills to integrate successfully and live independently in the UK.

Many of our tenants are faced with navigating a new world in which remote digital access is key for online learning, job searches and interviews, as well as staying connected with loved ones elsewhere. Without access to simple necessities such as Wi-Fi, many lives would simply be on hold

Our goal is to raise enough funds to enable access to WI-FI for our new tenants in their homes, which requires an annual contract of around to £228 per household. We have an initial target of £2,000 which will begin to pay for Wi-Fi and make a big difference to people by getting them access to something we’ve come to rely on and expect as an everyday utility.

Your donation will help us to give our tenants the necessary tools to thrive in a post-COVID world.

How you can help

Your donation will help us provide Wi-Fi for tenants in Coventry, in turn giving them access to a range of key digital services and e-learning tools and helping them keep in touch with friends and family.

Through our work with Coventry City Council, we aim to gather valuable data to support our efforts to provide refugees and newly arrived communities with Wi-Fi as standard.

Whether you can give a little or a lot, you’re helping our tenants achieve their life goals and ambitions!

See what our tenants have to say

‘The tablet helps me with searching on websites and completing courses: I completed my ICT course through it. I am struggling without Wi-Fi as I am connecting my phone to it for data. Wi-Fi is a good idea so we can do interviews, courses and use social media.’

‘The tablet is helping me a lot with sending and receiving emails. I use it to check work related emails. It helps me connect with the family back home, using Skype and Messenger. I recently attended a driving course online through Zoom. It was very helpful. I’d be able to watch some documentaries and movies during my free time if the internet was more accessible. There’s a lot to learn from the internet.’

‘The tablet helps me study, especially at the moment as everything’s online. It’s much easier to use a tablet than a mobile phone and it’s useful to read and write bigger. It is also important for my social networks.’

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To donate, please visit our Crowdfunder page here.

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