A Home Away from Home

A Home Away from Home

In a world where people increasingly feel like strangers or are subjected to ill treatment, our daily acts of support can be the crucial help someone needs to feel at home and take their next step despite numerous uncertainties. 

a home away from home

Movies and media may paint a certain picture of the country you unexpectedly find yourself in, but the stark reality often differs greatly from fiction. Whether for refugees or migrants, We are committed to reshaping perceptions, influencing policies, and ensuring that individuals in the UK are #RethinkingRefugee and Migration.

Our vision has touched over 13,000 lives across the globe, offering hope, confidence, and a sense of belonging to individuals from various nations, including Iranians, Syrians, Eritreans, Afghans, Sudanese, and Ukrainians. Each person is empowered and finds renewed strength through our work.

Our recent ‘Change Makers: From Sanctuary to Opportunity’ State of the City Report found that finding a house, or more importantly, a home, is a key tenet of integration. Without suitable housing, citizens-in-waiting lack security, mobility, dignity, and the ability to contribute as independent members of society. Many success stories come from those with stable accommodation, indicating that having a home is a prerequisite for feeling at home in the city.

Beyond housing, we also consider the enablers and barriers to being ‘at home’ in the UK. This includes not only stable accommodation but also feeling part of a community. Activities such as volunteering, involvement in community projects like tree planting, and safety measures that respect cultural differences are crucial. Additionally, providing entrepreneurial and employability support helps individuals thrive and lead independent lives. This approach isn’t just about disseminating knowledge and upskilling but also about fostering a supportive environment where individuals can build confidence and overcome challenges. By investing in their skills and knowledge, we create positive change that benefits the entire community.

Despite the many challenges our communities face, there is cause for optimism. Don’t just take our word for it; listen to the voices of our clients in this podcast series we’ve created with talented UWE students. These podcasts feature some of our amazing clients sharing their journeys in their new home.

While our first home may always be our true home, these individuals are willing to love a new country. Let’s make ‘a home away from home’ their reality. Happy Refugee Week

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